View my art during Whistler’s 2014 “Artwalk”

I'm pleased and excited to announce that my art has been accepted as part of the Whistler Art's Council annual "Artwalk" in Whistler.  ArtWalk is a two-month exhibit that takes shoppers and visitors through temporary galleries, showcasing a variety of art displays from the Sea to Sky Corridor.  Guests experience the influence that our unique West Coast has on local artists’ work, in mediums from photography to pottery, jewellery to painting, graffiti to textiles can be seen throughout the galleries. Dates:  July 1st to August 31st 2014. Venue: My work will be on display and available for sale at 3 Singing Birds in Whistler's Marketplace. Fine Artist Tassila outside 3 Singing Birds Artist Tassila Elizabeth inside 3 Singing Birds

New paintings in my “Small Series”

I've been working on a series of small paintings, ranging from 6" x 6" to 8" x 8" or thereabouts following requests from clients who love my work but perhaps only have a limited budget or a small place to hang a piece.  The nice thing is that some of the paintings in the series, the "Wooden Forest" paintings, can be hung individually or in groupings of two, three (a triptych) or four. Here are my latest additions: To view all the available small pieces and other sized landscape art, click here.

Sold paintings can still be an inspiration to you

I've recently sold two or three of my paintings, notably "Rusted" and "Green Lake", both from my landscape art selection.  If you're considering buying a piece of art, you can still view these and a selection of other of my sold works on-line;  they may act as inspiration for you for commissioning a custom piece yourself.
SOLD "Green Lake" Size 32" x 52"
SOLD "Green Lake" Size 32" x 52"
SOLD "Rusted"  Size 46" x 60"
SOLD "Rusted" Size 46" x 60"

New abstract art “D’or Shimmer”

This is my latest piece of art: "D'or Shimmer".  The inspiration was mainly spring and spring colors, I really enjoyed painting "Blue Reeds" and "Frequency" and wanted to do another similar painting.  Funnily enough my friend has the piece displayed upside down in her store and it looks way more amazing!   Abstract art... you can hang it however!
Abstract art
"D'Or Shimmer" Size 26"x36" price: $1550 Medium: Acrylic
Installed painting to show perspective
D'Or Shimmer as it might look in your home.

The effect of art once it’s been installed

As an artist I am naturally visually oriented; I can see in my minds eye how a piece will work with the decor of a room.  To help clients to see what effect my art can have on a room and to see how the paintings work with the light and other decor colours I usually hang new pieces on a wall or take photos of them at my client's property and then add them to my web site gallery of installed paintings: Recent additions to this gallery are:

“Wooden Forest” series now available at 3 Singing Birds

Are you looking for a small piece of local art?  Or maybe a series of small pieces?  I have been working on a series called "Wooden Forest" that are just 6" x 8" or 8" x 8" and you can view the ones that are currently for sale at Whistler's 3 Singing Birds art shop: Wooden Forest #4  6"x6"  $175
Wooden Forest #4  6"x6"  $175
Wooden Forest #4 6"x6" $175
  Wooden Forest #5    6"x8"  $195
Wooden Forest #5    6"x8"  $195
Wooden Forest #5 6"x8" $195
  Wooden Forest #6   6"x6"  $175
Wooden Forest #6   6"x6"  $175
Wooden Forest #6 6"x6" $175
  Wooden Forest #7  6"x8"  $195  
Wooden Forest #7  6"x8"  $195
Wooden Forest #7 6"x8" $195
  View all landscape paintings and abstract art that I currently have for sale: