Tassila Elizabeth


  Tassila’s artistic impulse is to reflect on the palette and connectivity of colours, the mood, and lighting before she chooses a topic to paint. This unusual development means she sometimes will select an actual image as a subject, while other times preferring an abstract direction. Her paintings are generally inspired by nature; the forests, mountains, grasslands, and oceans, they are not just scenery but the wellspring of her art, and the constant tumultuous beauty of her surroundings guides her life as a working artist.

Her main composition is contemporary, focusing on nature, with a play of the abstract. She primarily paints with acrylic and some mixed media.

All canvases are professionally crafted locally and can be custom sized. She welcomes commissioned work, and has experience working with interior designers, architects, builders, and real estate agents.  Contact Tassila for more information or look at her works at various galleries and restaurants in and around Whistler.